Zodiac Baracuda T5 Duo Review

  • Baracuda T5 Duo Pool Cleaner

    Baracuda T5 Duo Pool Cleaner

    Released recently, the Zodiac T5 is perhaps the highest quality model in the line of Zodiac products. Sold at $600 and more at your local pool store, you can now order this unit with us at a competitive price.

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The Zodiac T5 is the replacement for the old Zodiac X7 Quatro. Baracuda X7 is now out of production but you could still pick it up for good price from some retailers clearing stock, but if you are after some thing newer and better then Barracuda T5 duo is right choice replacement.

Baracuda T5 features Baracuda’s one moving part technology and patented Duralife Diaphgram for quiet operation and maximum durability. The major improvement comes in the disc design. The disc itself is actually smaller but it is a completely different design. Baracuda T5 Duo is designed with 2 separate discs that move independently, which allows better movement control, maximum cleaning coverage and enhanced suction to the pool surface.


  • Duralife Diaphgram. The Baracuda T5 duo has only one movable part - the Duralife Diaphragm that makes the cleaner efficient, quiet and keeps the maintenance costs low. Designed with over-molded reinforcement for the ultimate in diaphragm durability.
  • Adjustable Wheel Deflector gives cleaner better navigation around difficult areas like steps, corners and ladders.
  • Duo Disc System. Two independent discs improve cleaning coverage and pool surface adhesion and flexibility.
  • Quick connector enables quick secure connection to cleaner head.
  • Twist Locking Hose provides simple connection between each length of the hose and reduces vacuum loss.
  • Fins are designed to provide unimpaired cleaning over drains, lights and wall fittings that may cause problem with other cleaners.

Like the case with many other suction side cleaners it may take a little learning time to set up the cleaner to work perfectly for your pool as they are designed to work in many different pool shapes and sizes.  Therefore owners need to make some adjustments to make it work perfectly for theirs.

Main issues what people may have with Baracuda T5 Duo is that the cleaner gets stuck at or around the steps, not climbing walls, slow moving or tipping over, poor coverage. All these issues can actually fixed easy without calling pool technician by readjusting the setup. The most frequent problem is that hose weight positioning is not correct. Just readjusting the weight positioning can solve many issues like pool cleaner moves in the pattern, does not climb walls or climbs them excessively etc. Read our troubleshooting guide for more issues that can easily fixed by DIY technician at breeze.
Once having the cleaner set up properly you can be sure that you Baracuda T5 Duo will serve you for long time to come with properly clean pool.


  • Only one movable part keeps it efficient, quiet and the maintenance costs low. 
  • New 2 discs configuration
  • Suitable for most pool surfaces.
  • Easy to install.


  • Suitable for in-ground pools only
  • Like the case with most suction side cleaners it may take a little time to set it up perfectly for your pool as it is designed to work in many different types of pools

The Zodiac Baracuda T5 Duo would be our second best suction side pool cleaner pick based on a combination of performance, product design, price and reliability.